COVID 19 Update

Please find below a COVID update, showing our existing capacity, any supply issues, how to order and how to get an emergency delivery (for example if told to isolate)

This page will be regularly updated. (Last updated on 11th October)

We have had several questions and e mails from customers and potential customers with questions around deliveries during any potential lockdown, isolation and whether there are any supply issues.  

Do you have any spare delivery slots?

We have limited free delivery slots this week.  

If you are a previous customer, we have reserved delivery slots available within the next week. Please e mail or call to access these reserved slots.

Are there any supply issues?

Currently all suppliers are delivering on time and as normal.. 

I have been told to isolate and need an urgent delivery.  Can Bay Deliveries help?

Yes.  We have ring fenced some evening delivery slots for 'emergency situations' and depending on the time you contact us, will usually be able to deliver on the same day.  

If you need an urgent delivery, please follow this process:

1. e mail us at or call on 07831 351 050.  You will often reach our voicemail as we will be delivering but we will call you back as soon as possible. 

2. If we have an available delivery slot, we'll take your order (e mail or phone) and confirm which items can be delivered on the same day and which will need to follow (some suppliers require more notice than others).  You will only be charged one delivery charge £2.99 even if we need to return a second time.

Please note we cannot offer a full range of products for this service.  We can however guarantee you won't starve!

I'm isolating for a while.  Can I book a weekly delivery slot at the same time each week?

Yes we have a limited number of available slots- please e mail or phone if you would like to set this up. 

Can I order for a friend or relative?

Yes - online, by phone or by e mail.

Do you sell medicines?

We stock non prescription medicines such as Lemsip, Vicks, sudocrem, nurofen or hand sanitizer.


There are 3 ways you can order with Bay Deliveries.

1. You can order online using this website.  The system will automatically let you choose a time and date which is suitable for you.  If you later need to edit your order or have any queries you can e mail us at or call us.  Orders can be changed upto 2 working days before delivery.  We will do our best to accommodate changes with less notice too. 

2. You can order over e mail.  Simply e mail your order to  We will load it onto the system for you and call back for payment by card.

3. You can order by phone by calling 07831 351050.  Usually, you will get through to our voicemail as we deliver 6 days a week and for safety, don't answer the phone whilst driving.  We will do our best to call you back on the same day, take your order and payment over the phone.  We can still e mail you an invoice or bring it with your order.

Any of these methods can be used to order for someone else, for example a friend of family member.



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