Jail or Bail 2020 - Supporting Rowcroft Hospice

Rowcroft are our charity partner and we are delighted to be part of their Jail or Bail event 2020.  All participants are 'accused' of 'heinous' crimes and will be put before a 'judge' at the end of September when they have to plead their case.  They will either be able to post Bail money (through just giving donations - every penny goes to Rowcroft!) or will be sent to 'jail'.

Our manager Adam has been set up (honest guv!) and has been accused of The Big Biscuit Heist. He is currently languishing at HMP McVities. It's hard to digest.ive thought about it lots and he deserves our support. He's spent months Hob-nobbing with customers and to say he stole those biscuits is a bit rich. Tea, he'll miss it so much. He deserves to take a break, maybe a KitKat.

So you can help Adam escape and get back to delivering by
1. clicking on the link below to his just giving page and / or
2. sending us as many biscuit jokes and puns to our e mail info@baydeliveries.co.uk!  Every line we use in his defense will equal a £10 contribution from Bay Deliveries!
and just maybe there will be some biscuit incentives coming soon....
Help save ADAM.... more to follow!