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An Independent importer, blender and distiller of fine rums, Hattiers is the brainchild of Philip Everett- Lyons, and his family team. Based on the South Coast of Devon, Hattiers is fuelled by our founders passion for sailing life, the desire to create a legacy for his young family and a penchant for fine rums.

Launched in May 2018 following around 18 months of detailed research into the spirits business.Traveling to around the UK to multiple distilleries, seeking help and advice from master rum distillers in the Caribbean, Philip gained a great understanding of the style of rum he wanted to blend.

This is where the fun started, the development of the rum itself by perfecting the ultimate blend of fine rums and pure Dartmoor water. Fuelled by his passion for life at sea, the desire to create a legacy for his young family and a penchant for fine spirits. Unrelenting in his desire to create nothing short of exceptional rum, Philip’s philosophy on Hattiers is simple – “if it isn’t the absolute best, we won’t bother releasing it!”. It’s this determination to create a standout spirit that has seen Hattiers’ Premium Reserve Rum pick up a host of international awards and become immediately respected within the industry.

Every bottle of the Premium Reserve starts off with a 8 year pot and column Barbados rum then blended with fine rums from The Dominican Republic, Panama and Guatemala, which is then finally married with the purest Dartmoor water and nothing else.

Hattiers Premium Reserve Rum is designed for those new to rum alongside the experienced rum connoisseur.Visually the aged rum is a glorious shade of gold, with no additives, simply the influence if it's time spent in Oak.The nose is a beautifully rich and accessible aroma. Onto tasting, the rum is extremely easy going and mellow. A classic English style rum that can be enjoyed neat, with a mixer or as the base for classic rum cocktails.

There is another core of Hattiers, which they admit they are guilty of not shouting loudly enough about Hattiers eco, social and ethical ideals. Hattiers is a pending B-Corp and hopes to fully certify in the coming months.Within this B-Corp certification, it is the aim of Philip’s to become a sustainable business, to certify as carbon negative and is already plastic free!

Appearance - Clear, Gold Amber

Aroma - Caramel, toffee, cacao, soft fruit, cream with light spice

Taste - Dry and medium bodied.  A structured palate with cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper spice, rich toffee cacao and attractive apricot fruit.

Aftertaste - Fruity and cream notes continue into the long finish

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