Quicke's Extra Mature Clothbound Cheddar - 150g


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The Quickes have been producing traditional cloth-bound cheddar for the past 500 years and today the tradition continues. Their cheeses are all made by hand, and allowed to slowly mature for a deeply satisfying flavour. 

The 18 to 21 months that Quickes Extra Mature spends maturing adds further depth and a crunchy texture that lingers on the palate. For the Extra Mature we select the most complex balance of our core flavours of buttery/caramelly, sharp/oniony, grassy and brothy. The cheese loses moisture as it continues to mature and this sends it on a rounder maturing pathway. It is a delight to slowly experience each layer of flavour give way to the next in a mouth-watering crescendo that goes perfectly with an equally rich and complex red wine - a Shiraz or Rioja.

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