Quicke's Mature Clothbound Devon Cheddar - 150g


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The Quickes have been producing traditional cloth-bound cheddar for the past 500 years and today the tradition continues. Their cheeses are all made by hand, and allowed to slowly mature for a deeply satisfying flavour. 

The benchmark Quickes cheese, Quickes Mature is allowed to breathe as it matures for 12 to 15 months, giving the intense cheddar its hallmark rind and outstanding depth of flavour. It has a rich complex flavour which develops as it reaches the back of your palate. Variations in the milk, the starter cultures and the production provide a spectrum of flavours ranging from buttery caramel, sharp, oniony, grassy and brothy notes. With slow maturing comes long lingering flavours. This cheese pairs ideally with a creamy English stout or pale ale. It is brilliant with vine ripened tomatoes and a strong flavoured salad like rocket or chicory.

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